Rafael Sattarov: New Afghan Wind in Uzbekistan

“Today the old stereotype is gradually falling away, and the countries of Central Asia are already trying to include Afghanistan in their international agendas” – notes political scientist Rafael Sattarov in an article written specifically for cabar.asia. (more…)


Zainab Muhammad-Dost: Uzbekistan can gain a significant position in new European Union strategy

“Not only can Uzbekistan elevate relations to a new level but also contribute to the formation of the EU’s strategy in the region” – expert Zainab Dost, writing specially for cabar.asia, speaks about new trends in EU-Uzbekistan relations. (more…)


Galiya Ibragimova: Uzbekistan’s investment sphere – dynamics and general situation

“The success of reforms will largely depend on the ability of the new president to abandon Karimov’s methods of governing the country and open Uzbekistan to innovation and investment” – independent political scientist, Galiya Ibragimova, writing specially for cabar.asia, notes in an article concerning Uzbekistan’s current investment situation. (more…)


cabar.asia: Will there be a new era in Tajik-Uzbek relations?

What issues exist between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan? Which of them are real, slightly exaggerated, or overtly fictitious? Whether the two similarly minded leaders can or are even willing to resolve problems between the two nations is discussed in this special cabar.asia article. (more…)


Zaynab Dost: Fighting Human Trafficking in Central Asia: Problems and Challenges

“An insufficient and poor quality coverage of human trafficking in the regional media is another issue complicating the fight against the threat.  For example, some journalists clearly limit themselves to stating that trafficking exists and they do not go beyond that”, – Zaynab Dost, an independent analyst, writes for cabar.asia. (more…)


cabar.asia: Assessment of elections in Uzbekistan: Expert opinions and geopolitical incision

“The fact that there have been no incidents and the elections were held in a peaceful atmosphere does not yet imply the transparency of the electoral process, and certainly does not show a high level of democratization of the Uzbek society”, – an expert from Tashkent, specially for cabar.asia, forecasts further development of Uzbekistan led by a new president. (more…)


Rafael Sattarov: Is the Uzbek Development Model a path towards true modernization?

“Uzbek institutions can be viewed as examples of crony capitalism (capitalism to benefit one’s own close allies). This model is divorced from reality. There is no intellectual foundation and no open discussion between experts or political and economic circles on how to adapt to the demands of modernity,” – Rafael Sattarov, an independent political analyst, sheds light on the idiosyncrasies of Uzbekistan’s economic model in this cabar.asia exclusive. (more…)


cabar.asia: NGOs in Uzbekistan’s new environment: will there be a stimulus for development?

“In Uzbekistan, non-governmental organizations, which should play the role of “connecting bridge” between the state and society, are mainly engaged in promoting government policy without vertical feedback or generally exist in name only.” – expert from Uzbekistan, writing specially for cabar.asia, discusses development problems of the country’s NGOs. (more…)


Alisher Taksanov: Post-Karimov Uzbekistan: Palace Coups, Mutinies, or Elections?

“There are three possible ways events could develop: a transfer of power through palace intrigue; a military revolt and the ascension at bayonet point of someone from the military that is sick of the mess; or an election held within the framework of the law,” – Independent journalist Alisher Taksanov considers various scenarios for the transfer of power in Uzbekistan in this cabar.asia exclusive. (more…)


Zaynab Dost: Religion has little to do with processes of religious extremism and terrorism

“In Uzbekistan, political opposition is banned by the law. Under this system, religious groups have positioned themselves as the only opposition “, – the main issues and  specifics of religious extremism in Uzbekistan, as explicated by Zaynab Dost, an independent analyst, specially for cabar.asia. (more…)



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