Chris Weed: Kyrgyzstan largely influences Kazakhstan’s politics rather than the other way around

“Since 2010 when KG began it’s experiment with parliamentary democracy, which basically codified and legitimized the preexisting patronal politics and structures, KZ has been on edge and is keenly aware of the risk that a successful multi-party state could pose to its one-man rule”, – expert in Central Asian affairs from Prague, Chris Weed, reveals the underwater stones of the relationship between the Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. (more…)


Sergei Domnin – Kazakhstan 2016: Rising Investment under Slowing Economic Growth

“Investments are the fastest growing sector of the economy, while the economy itself has been slowing down for the past three years. Notwithstanding world occurrences (i.e. China), the growth of investments in fixed assets by all means should provide an increase in GDP” – expert Sergei Domnin, writing specially for, analyzes the tendencies of Kazakhstan’s economy over the past several years. (more…)


Anton Morozov: Will Marat Tazhin be able to overcome failures in Kazakhstan’s information policy?

“The outcome we need to see is a change in the model of political communication along the lines of power, the press, and the public from one-sided to two-sided. That is, the state should respond to public inquiries and not only communicate to the public via the press.” – expert Anton Morozov, writing specially for, discusses the problems of Kazakhstan’s information policy. (more…)


Anna Gusarova: The USA and Central Asia: what will be the policy of D. Trump’s administration?

“In contrast to the official documents defining Washington’s strategic vision, practices and political discourse, which are formed by White House officials as part of their applications, indicate that the United States has not made a choice in favor of a particular country in the region and are not rushing to designate a priority partner” – Director of the Central Asian Institute for Strategic Studies, Anna Gusarova, writing specially for, envisages the policy of the new US administration. (more…)


Diana Okremova: The Wide Scope of Media Responsibility Paralyzes Kazakhstani Journalism

“The State is determined to continue to strengthen its control of the media by increasing the amount of the budgetary resources allocated to it. Under these circumstances, mass media will remain a propaganda instrument but not an independent, competitive business in anyway. This state of affairs is not conducive to the appearance of new, independent media due to the inequality of market forces,” – expert Diana Okremova identifies the problems facing the development of the Kazakhstani media sphere in this exclusive. (more…)


Aidarkhan Kussainov: The Kazakhstani budgetary planning system, adjustments and procyclicality

“The budget planning system in Kazakhstan leaves much to be desired, with large discrepancies between what is planned and the actual amounts of funding allocated for the Nurly Jol anticrisis program and other measures to support businesses.” – Expert Aidarkhan Kussainov analyzes Kazakhstani budgetary planning and allocations in this exclusive. (more…)


Konstantin Syroyezhkin: Kazakhstan and China – an Analysis of Recent Agreements

“To what extent do Chinese plans coincide with Kazakhstan’s reindustrialization plans within an EaEU format, and more importantly how can cooperation with China expand without coming into conflict with Russia, who is already quite jealously views the pairing of the EaEU and Nurly Jol?” – this exclusive from Professor Konstantin Syroyezhkin is dedicated to an analysis of recent Sino-Kazakhstani agreements. (more…)


Olga Simakova: What does net migration in Kazakhstan tell us?

“The most alarming trend on a regional scale is the increasing extent of youth migration when young people, leaving to study abroad, stay there to obtain permanent residence.” – expert Olga Simakova, writing specially for, analyzes migration issues in Kazakhstan. (more…)


Lesya Karataeva: Information Security in Kazakhstan: particular aspects, statistics and risks

“The dependence of Kazakhstan’s economy on the supply of equipment, software, and services from abroad in developing and maintaining Kazakhstan’s IT infrastructure increases the risk of rising costs in the event of changes in foreign policy and the world economy”, – expert Lesya Karataeva, writing specially for, writes about particular aspects of information security in Kazakhstan. (more…)


Irina Chernykh: PhD Program in Kazakhstan: Prolonged Transit or a Catching up Development?

“Kazakhstan, having based its quality assessment of scientific work on Western standards of assessment (Indexes), did not take into account the fact that its science finds itself on the periphery of contemporary Big Science. This situation severely limits, for example, the possibilities for Kazakh researchers being published in Western journals”, – Irina Chernykh, specially for, identifies problems and specificities of implementation of PhD programs in Kazakhstan. (more…)