Analytical materials

IWPR: Experts Discussed the Problems of Sinology in Kazakhstan 05.03.19

On February 27, 2019, the IWPR Representative Office in Central Asia, analytical platform and Center for Chinese Studies “China Center” in Almaty organized a round table on the topic “Sinology in Kazakhstan: the current state and prospects”.


Staff Policy in Central Asian States: Stability vs. Perturbations 28.04.18

“Political and social stability today depends on the intensity and effectiveness of staff perturbations: the more active the positive processes in staff policy changes are, the more stable the country will be,” Valentin Bogatyrev said at the expert meeting organised by IWPR in Bishkek. (more…)

Rafael Sattarov: New Afghan Wind in Uzbekistan 27.04.18

“Today the old stereotype is gradually falling away, and the countries of Central Asia are already trying to include Afghanistan in their international agendas” – notes political scientist Rafael Sattarov in an article written specifically for (more…)

Christopher Schwartz:  The major powers prefer establishing overlapping spheres of influence rather than competing in a zero-sum game 20.04.18

“Contrary to the ‘grand Chess table’ image of the Great Game paradigm, the major powers at work in Central Asia appear to prefer accommodating each other and establishing overlapping spheres of influence rather than competing in a zero-sum game”, – notes Christopher Schwartz, a journalist and academic with the American University of Central Asia, in an exclusive interview for (more…)

Zainab Muhammad-Dost: Uzbekistan can gain a significant position in new European Union strategy 19.04.18

“Not only can Uzbekistan elevate relations to a new level but also contribute to the formation of the EU’s strategy in the region” – expert Zainab Dost, writing specially for, speaks about new trends in EU-Uzbekistan relations. (more…)

Regional conflicts in Central Asia: issues of identity and EU experience 06.04.18

“For me, the term Central Asian region comes from the outside. In particular, Europeans see the post-Soviet republics as a single region. However, the Central Asian countries do not perceive themselves necessarily as part of a single or integral region” suggests Professor Dr. Thorsten Bonacker in an interview to (more…)

Galiya Ibragimova: Uzbekistan’s investment sphere – dynamics and general situation 12.03.18

“The success of reforms will largely depend on the ability of the new president to abandon Karimov’s methods of governing the country and open Uzbekistan to innovation and investment” – independent political scientist, Galiya Ibragimova, writing specially for, notes in an article concerning Uzbekistan’s current investment situation. (more…)

James MacHaffie: Central Asia can emerge from Russia’s shadow and make an indelible mark on the international stage 02.11.17

“I think there is the potential for these republics to merge from the shadows of these two giants and level the playing field if they utilize the multilateral institutions that now exist for the region, such as the EAEU, and the SCO”, – notes James MacHaffie in interview, especially for  for (more…)

Vivien Fortat: Russia and China in Central Asia are now in coopetition: cooperation between competitors 25.09.17

“However, the situation could evolve in case the relationship between EU and Russia warm up. In that case, Russia would have much more options for supply and export, and would see its bargaining power significantly increase toward China” – French journalist Vivien Fortat reveals the specific role and place of China in the contemporary world politics, especially for (more…)

Chubak azhy Zhalilov: Many Muslims Don’t Understand They Are Being Manipulated by Politicians 20.07.17

“The believers think that if a politician is close to religion, he is definitely honest, fair and not a thief, not engaged in corruption, so people vote for him during elections. If people get more literate, politicians will have to deal with it and will stop deceiving people over time,” Chubak azhy Zhalilov, a former mufti of Kyrgyzstan, said to (more…)