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How is the Fight Against Corruption in Kazakhstan Taken Place?

Askar Mukashev 28.05.20

In recent years, Kazakhstan has been actively involved in the fight against corruption. Starting from 2015, a new anti-corruption strategy of Kazakhstan was formed. Despite the various measures taken by the state, the country still fails to achieve the desired results.


The Battle of Narratives During Coronavirus Crisis and it’s Impact on China – Tajikistan Relations

Sherzod Shamiev 26.05.20

“Although Tajikistan tries to balance the influence of great powers on its policies through its multisectoral foreign policy, China has several strategic advantages in its sleeve that can get Tajikistan involved”, – notes Sherzod Shamiev in the article, written specifically for (more…)

Why Did Kazakhstan Fail The International PISA Assessment?

Kazakhstan had participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for the fourth time. The test results fell below the performance of previous years. Research suggests the relationship between funding and quality of education. (more…)

Strengthening and Vulnerability of the Kyrgyz Police in the Fight Against COVID-19

Anna Zubenko 19.05.20

«Against the background of expanding the powers of the law enforcement agencies and limiting control mechanisms, the risks of corruption, unlawful actions and abuse of authority has increased,» mentioned by researcher Anna Zubenko, in her article written specifically for


An attack that will increase self-censorship in Tajikistan

Tajik journalist Abdullo Gurbati, who has been assaulted, is confident that it was planned. Experts say that this attack has many similarities to previous attacks on journalists. (more…)

Longread: Why do Kyrgyzstan’s regions remain undeveloped?

Alibek Mukambaev 15.05.20

The administration has officially designated 2020 a year devoted to “regional development, the support of children, and the country’s digitization.” The two prior years also bore this labeling. Issues of development, self-sufficiency, and manageability in the regions are more acute than ever given the pandemic, the ensuing isolation – an isolation that is also internal – and the global economic crisis. (more…)

Tajikistan and Neighbors: Similarities and Differences From the Four Borders

«While the situation is very favorable along the border with Uzbekistan and China, the Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan borders alert major challenges, » political analyst Muslimbek Buriev examines nuances and challenges along Tajikistan’s borders in an article just for (more…)

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia

Anton Bugaenko 13.05.20

“Working with China would help Central Asia to weather the crisis and identify a new economic growth point, but it would take a more rigorous policy on the eastern neighbor”, Anton Bugaenko, a sinologist and chief expert of the Chinese and Asian studies program at the Institute of World Economics and Politics, notes in his article just for (more…)

Uzbekistan: Public or State Chamber?

Sanjar Saidov 11.05.20

In April 2020, a decree was issued on the establishment of the Public Chamber under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The activity of the chamber is to establish a dialogue between the state, citizens, and civil society institutions. Political scientist Sanjar Saidov shared some views on the creation and future work of this chamber, in an article for


Kazakhstan: The Struggle for Square Foot

Aslan Nurzhanov 08.05.20

«An average Kazakh citizen that steadily allocates 100% of his salary to savings will need about 11 years to purchase a 540-square-foot apartment, » notes project manager at Eurasian Center for People Management and School of Analytics participant, Aslan Nurzhanov in the article. (more…)