Why Kazakhstan Introduces Additional Pension Contributions?

cabar.asia 19.08.19

According to entrepreneurs, this forces their businesses to go below the radar and paying envelope salaries. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: From Migrants to Entrepreneurs

Ulan Makkambaev 15.08.19

Kyrgyzstan has discussed the efficient use of money of migrant workers for a few years, but still hasn’t clear understanding of it. They increasingly prefer to invest money in business back home instead of holding feasts or purchasing apartments.


Epos “Manas” and Modern Kyrgyz-Chinese Relations

«There are two different interpretations of the content of the same monument of the oral epic tradition in China and Kyrgyzstan. The polarity of the Kyrgyz and Chinese versions contributes to the conceptualization of the history of relations between the two nations in the spirit of conflict and rivalry,» – mentioned international affairs specialist Salamat Dzhybykeev in his article for CABAR.asia.


Numbers of Convicted for Inciting Hatred Increase in Kazakhstan

Bagdat Asylbek 14.08.19

They are listed as extremists and even after release those convicted under article 174 of the Criminal Code encounter severe barriers to employment and earnings.

Kyrgyzstan: Atambaev Detained, But Not Out of the Game

Natalia Lee 09.08.19

Experts say arrest only marks a temporary truce in an ongoing power struggle. (more…)

Advantages and Risks of Introducing the “Multilingual and Multicultural Education” Program in Kyrgyzstan

«Multilingual education makes it possible to simultaneously master the state and official languages, along with one of the foreign ones. It also creates social cohesion, enhances the culture of interethnic communication, and all this in total strengthens interethnic relations,» notes Kanzada Zayirbekova, a participant of the CABAR.asia School of Analytics, in her article. (more…)

Conflict in Kyrgyzstan Turns into Semi-criminal “Skirmish”

“This conflict does not involve politics anymore. The new leader does not offer any innovations or changes, and the old leader does the same,” expert in conflicts Tatiana Vygovskaya-Kamenko commented on the attempted detention of the ex-president of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambaev, in his house in the village of Koi-Tash and the clashes that followed.

Towards “New Life” with Old Templates: Three Pastors of Protestant Church Convicted in Kazakhstan

Andrey Grishin 07.08.19

In Kazakhstan, the state “defeated” a large protestant church “New Life”. Three pastors were found guilty on a series of charges based on the collection of alms.

Kyrgyzstan: Disabled People with Limited Access to Education

Kyrgyzstan has 31 thousand children with disabilities registered officially. Only one fifth of them have access to education. 


How Should the Return to Uzbekistan of Gulnara Karimova’s Ill-Gotten Assets Be Carried Out?

Alisher Ilkhamov 05.08.19

“There is widespread understanding that the return of stolen assets to countries characterized by inadequate rule of law and non-robust anti-corruption standards is likely to lead to stolen assets falling back into the vicious circle of corrupt practices and money laundering,” said independent researcher Alisher Ilkhamov in his article for CABAR.asia