Islamic Relics of Post-Soviet Central Asia: Arstanbab Mausoleum in Kazakhstan

CABAR.asia 14.06.19

The holy follower of Islam, Arstanbab, has been held in reverence in Central Asia at all times. A few places in the region are named after him and are considered the places of his burial.  (more…)

Commentary: Kazakhstanis Wait for Political Reforms from the Authorities

Anuar Temirov 11.06.19

On June 6, president Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev in his Twitter account wrote that the growth of the civil society is a natural process, and that the solid and multiparty parliament is a way for political modernisation. Logical questions arise: will the parliamentary election in Kazakhstan be competitive? And will alternative parties be allowed to run for election? (more…)

Election in Kazakhstan: What Conclusions Should Akorda Make? [commentary]

No drastic changes should be expected in the top echelons of power in the next six months. This issue needs to be well-thought and strictly coordinated with the Yelbassy. (more…)

IWPR Tajikistan Conducted Dialogue Meetings on Religion in Four District Centers of Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 07.06.19

In the centers of Tursunzoda, Shaartuz, Dusti and Nosiri Khusrav districts, the representatives of public organizations and local governments, social workers, staff of Ministry of Education, religious leaders discussed the issues of promoting interreligious tolerance and countering violent extremism with experts. (more…)

Kazakhstan: Life after EXPO

Kazakhstan is a country rich in energy resources, and is among top ten oil producing, refining countries. Two years ago, the country held the international specialised exhibition EXPO 2017, which preparation and holding cost 565.1 billion tenges (2.1 billion dollars). Organisers and experts predicted it’s income would be 520-910 million dollars.

Return of Kyrgyz Nationals from Syria and Iraq: A Problem We Cannot Ignore

CABAR.asia 31.05.19

Experts say about the need to develop multilateral approach to repatriation of the Kyrgyzstanis from Iraq and Syria.

According to Kylym Shamy human rights centre, four Kyrgyzstani women and 11 minor children are incarcerated in a Baghdad prison. According to the head of the organisation, Aziza Abdirasulova, these are the people they know about. Moreover, 46 families whose relatives have departed to war zones in the Middle East have applied to human rights defenders. Besides, 12 people with children whose relatives have not been identified so far are located in Syria.


Discussion of Migration Flow from Tajikistan to Russia: How to Regulate It and Solve Problems?

CABAR.asia 30.05.19

On May 23, 2019, IWPR Tajikistan hosted an expert meeting “Migration from Tajikistan to Russia: Analysis of New Trends”. Experts, representatives of state, international and public organizations, independent analysts and journalists discussed the current state of labor migration from Tajikistan to Russia and offered their vision of the ways to solve the observed problems.

Language Balance in Uzbekistan: an Acceptable Status Quo

«It is incorrect to speak about the competition between the Uzbek and Russian languages in Uzbekistan. They both occupy a certain niche in public and state life, neither of them can threaten the positions of the other, since they develop in parallel and isolation from each other,» – notes an international relations specialist from Tashkent and a participant in the CABAR.asia school of analytics, Yuri Sarukhanyan.


Increase in Mobile Internet Price: Testing People’s Obedience?

Rustam Gulov 06.05.19

An op-ed of the expert Rustam Gulov on what was a reason behind the decision to increase the price of mobile Internet in Tajikistan and its sudden revocation.