CABAR.asia Online Events Digest

CABAR.asia 09.07.20

Despite external circumstances, June was intensive and productive. The IWPR Central Asia team continues to hold educational and expert meetings and to develop the media community in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

We are happy to share this month’s results with you. (more…)

True or False: Why Are Journalists Sued in Kazakhstan?

Take a test “True or False” prepared by CABAR.asia to understand why journalists are sued and how they should protect their rights.


IWPR Expert Meeting “The State Budget of Tajikistan During the Pandemic: Problems and Solutions”

CABAR.asia 07.07.20

It is too early to assess the impact of the pandemic on the Tajik economy. However, it is already possible to predict the nearest future of the country’s economy. (more…)

Test: How to Get Alimony for a Child in Kyrgyzstan?

There are nearly four thousand alimony non-payers with debts ranging from 260 to 20 thousand dollars in Kyrgyzstan. Take a test prepared by CABAR.asia and try to win justice and alimony payments from a second parent of your child. 

Replacing Turkey: This Summer Kazakhstanis Will Go On Vacation Within the Country

Coronavirus pandemic has given a surprising opportunity for the development and strengthening of domestic tourism. But whether Kazakhstanis will go on vacation within the country after its end mainly depends on business restructuring. 


Perks of Kyrgyzstan’s Participation in International Organizations Illustrated by the OSCE Membership

“Prospects of the Kyrgyz – OSCE partnership will become even more pertinent in the light of sweeping global security issues like climate change, resilient pandemics, devastating wars, terrorist threats, and cybersecurity,” expert Kanatbek Abdiev analyzes Kyrgyzstan’s participation in the OSCE in an article just for CABAR.asia. (more…)

How to reform the financial market of Tajikistan?

CABAR.asia 04.07.20

   The financial market of Tajikistan is subject to imbalances and is not able to fully perform its functions, considers Bahrom Sharipov, Doctor of Economics. Further reforms are needed in the financial market to form it as a system of integrated segments, Bahrom Sharipov notes in an article written specifically for CABAR.asia. (more…)

Robberies and Thefts Increase in Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 03.07.20

COVID-19-related restrictions have led to increase in the number of robberies, thefts and domestic violence cases in Tajikistan. (more…)

Test: How well do you know prime ministers of Kyrgyzstan?

Take a test prepared by CABAR.asia and check how well you know about activities of heads of the Kyrgyz government.  (more…)

Why Do Kazakh Authorities Want to Return Progressive Taxation?

Asel Sultan 02.07.20

The authorities of Kazakhstan propose to introduce progressive individual income taxation again, which functioned up to 2007. The  economists believe that the initiative’s purpose is not clear and its feasibility is questionable. (more…)