Investigation: Fake UN Representatives Stay Active in Kazakstan

Artem Marusitsch 06.12.18

Obschestvennaya Nagrada profit organisation, which has been selling orders instituted by it to rich Kazakstanis for several years, has involved a specialist to give them out. According to the investigation held by Nasha Gazeta, it is a general of CIPDH, an entity that has been long known for fake diplomats.

IWPR Launches CABAR.asia Media School

CABAR.asia 04.12.18

The CABAR.asia media school will let experts and journalists take part in on-going training through a series of video lessons and trainings from professionals. (more…)

Regional Meeting of Participants of CABAR.asia School of Analytics Held in Dushanbe

Young analysts and journalists from Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have discussed challenges and trends in their countries in 2019 at a three-day meeting, held a regional meeting on the quality of analytics and water and energy issues in the region, and also have improved their skills of writing analytic materials and visualisation.


“Knocking on Heaven’s Door”: Experts and Officials Need Closer Dialogue

Analysts and experts from the four Central Asian states have discussed the quality of expert materials and mechanisms of their implementation in the CABAR.asia discussion club.


Download: Central Asian Experts Potential to Influence Decision Making: CABAR.asia Discussion.pdf 


Kyrgyzstan: How to Secure a Fair Pension?

The analytical portal CABAR.asia has organised a round-table discussion with representatives of Social Fund, non-governmental pension fund and experts at the IWPR’s office in Bishkek.

IWPR Tajikistan organized expert meeting, revealed the problems of Tajik media

CABAR.asia 22.11.18

On November 21, IWPR Tajikistan organized an expert meeting on the topic of status of media in the country.

The Glitter and Poverty of the Capital of Georgia

Natalia Lee 15.11.18

The ancient part of Tbilisi may not contain high-rise buildings, so it contains mainly two-three-storey buildings. Carved balconies and terraces with oriental motifs interweave with European architecture, while narrow streets seem to remain unchanged since the Middle Ages. The key touristic places look beautiful and well-cared-for, but the ancient town has many collapsing and ramshackle buildings and structures. Both high-rise buildings and unusual futuristic projects made of glass and steel can be seen outside the historical part of the city.

The history of the last synagogue in Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 13.11.18

In Jewish community of Tajikistan’s synagogue in Dushanbe, traditional for Jews Sabbath service has not been held for 5 years.

IWPR Tajikistan Presents Studies on Media and Civil Society Issues

CABAR.asia 05.11.18

A presentation of the studies on media and civil society issues in four Central Asian countries carried out by IWPR was held in Dushanbe on November 5, 2018. (more…)

IWPR Tajikistan Announces the National Contest for Journalists Winners

8 journalists from Tajikistan were awarded prizes for winning in the nominations of the contest “The Best Coverage of the Issues of Human Rights, Religious Freedom and Countering Radicalization” by IWPR Tajikistan.

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