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“Occupying sixth place in the world for natural gas reserves and having at least five promising gas export routes, today Turkmenistan exports in only one direction – the Chinese one. This sees about 30 billion cubic meters flow annually to China” – states expert Ruslan Izimov in an article written especially for

“The TAPI project can also be uneffective, since Turkmenistan is building its part until the border with Afghanistan and waits for the conflict and issues to stop in the next country. Of course, it is good to be optimistic, but the Taliban issue cannot be resolved in a short period, unless and constructive dialogue will be built.  At the moment, the budgeting and financing of the project is still under doubts”, – the benefits and risks in the implementation of TAPI project explains political analyst Iskandar Qonunov, exclusively for 

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Grand architecture aims to reinforce national identity, but the human reality is different. The Turkmen capital Ashgabat stretches out in an expanse of opulent white marble palaces, government buildings, golden domes and carefully manicured parks.

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