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“Saudi and pro-Salafi lobby are already active in most countries of the region; according to critics, some government decrees and decisions adopted in recent years in the religious sphere look as if they were written at the suggestion of the Salafis, or in close consultation with them”, – an expert from Tajikistan, Parviz Mullojanov, on the geopolitical aspects of Salafization in Central Asia, specially for

“A wise, far-sighted, and ‘soft’ Chinese foreign policy has in the past decade not only minimized but also reduced the influence of Russia and others countries in Tajikistan by creating a powerful pro-China lobby to influence policy both within the country and abroad” – expert Michael Petrushkov, writing specially for, gives the orientation of external actors’ foreign policies in Tajikistan.

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Every year, because of the carelessness of husbands dozens of healthy young women are infected with HIV, which is then transferred to their children. According to statistics, 70% of carriers of HIV are men, who do not warn their brides about the virus prior to the wedding. Tajik President Emomali Rahmon emphasized the key role of healthy and strong families in developing the country, and urged young couples to undergo a medical examination before marriage. However, HIV testing has a fee, public awareness is low, and sometimes people contract the virus in health facilities.


According to a survey, 72 percent of Tajik women have contemplated suicide, and 24 percent of them have attempted suicide after finding out about having contracted human immunodeficiency virus. Although the disease is not transmitted through casual contact, due to illiteracy [on the matter], Tajik society prefer to avoid the carriers of the virus, and some even terrorize them.

 Tajikistan intends to liquidate in the country extreme poverty until 2030 and to double the share of middle class. Nevertheless, many analysts call such forecast scenario, rather desirable, than realistic. More details in the material IWPR.

The followers of the banned Salafi movement in the country – a fundamentalist trend of Islam in favor of a return to first principles and teachings of Islam and reject the introduction to Islam elements of other religions and philosophies.

About two million schoolchildren in Tajikistan have sat down at school desks this year. Parents obligated to buy a school uniform for the children only of national production. Moreover, they release a single form directly at schools. 

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Action finally taken following radio story on their decades-long wait. A Tajik family who had been waiting to be rehoused for more than 30 years has been promised new accommodation following the broadcast of an IWPR programme about their plight.

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The representative office of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Tajikistan in collaboration with the public organization “Office for Civil Liberties” and Ombudsman Office in Tajikistan conducted another roundtable “The rights of the servicemen” in Devashtich district (former Gonchi district) of Sughd region of Tajikistan with the support of the European Union and the government of Norway. 

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